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Hawaii 5-0 Bingo

The Bingo game with a tropical twist...

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Hawaii Five-0 Bingo
The Bingo game with a tropical twist...

Hawaii 5-0 Bingo. A safe harbor for every faction of fandom, a dream of many new stories that include all our favorite characters while featuring the beautiful islands prominently. Anything goes here - het, slash, femslash, gen, and all characters are welcome - even original characters if you like. Crossovers with any fandom are accepted; however, the action must take place in Hawaii.

Another twist? Fills may be accomplished by fic, drabbles and/or art, vids, vidlets, soundmixes or mini-mixes.

The one thing that will not be tolerated is any form of flaming with respect to OTPs, pairings, the people that portray characters. Another reason Hawaii 5-0 Bingo was created was to be a challenge where all of the H50 fandom could participate equally.

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